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When it comes to your Web design and development, there are many choices to make. It depends on your business goals and business model as to what type of platform you need your site to function on and what offerings you need to have for your customers. Our professional staff has successfully developed many sites over the years for clients across the globe. We specialize in:

WordPress is the most SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) available today. It is chosen by many world-wide as the CMS platform for their Website or blog. It’s an open-source system powered by PHP and MySQL. WordPress offers many user-friendly plug-ins and template systems that create extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing architecture for your Website.

Our experienced developers can easily re-arrange the WordPress widgets and add custom designs to your site without changing the code or losing the SEO value WordPress offers. WordPress also offers an integrated and clean permalink structure and supports easy SEO tagging. Plus once we have completed your design, you can have full control of your site through your own log in, allowing you to update your own content and images anytime you need.

Joomla, like WordPress, is also an open-source CMS. It is also written in PHP and stores data in MySQL; but it also uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, unique software design patterns and also allows for complete customization. It also offers many plug-INS that can be used without changing the code.

In short, Joomla offers more bells and whistles than WordPress does but is not as SEO-friendly, unless the developer makes it that way. Just like WordPress, you will be able to control your own content once our professional developers are done with the initial design and development.

While Drupal is also a great CMS and works in PHP, it is used as a back-end system. It is the choice back-end system by countless companies and individuals world-wide. It’s not only used for corporate sites, but blogs and many political and government (.gov) sites. Drupal is also very SEO-friendly as it keeps the design of the site separate from the content for better search engine indexing.

It is very highly-scalable and very user-friendly so you as the site owner will be able to update your content via Drupal as well. It also gives you very precise control over the URL structure and offers a powerful taxonomy (category) system to allow for easy, SEO-friendly tagging. It’s not as SEO-friendly as WordPress, but more SEO-friendly than Joomla.

Another great open-source content management system is Moodle. The difference is Moodle is a virtual learning platform. It is great for educators who need to set up online courses that include interaction from students, corporations needing to set up training and management courses, businesses needing to set up on-going training seminars, learning libraries and much more. Moodle allows for course materials to be accessed, questions to be posted and answered, educational videos to be replayed, assignments to be gathered and posted, interaction between users, etc. The educational possibilities with Moodle are endless.

Regardless of your Web development needs, or content management system preference, we have a full staff of experienced, trusted and proven professionals to meet and exceed your expectations and help you to meet your Website goals. If you are unsure of which platform is best suited for your goals and offerings, we can asses that for you and make the best recommendation. Contact us today for a free quote.


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